ClearOne MAX EX

ClearOne MAX EX

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The ClearOne MAX EX expandable conference phone delivers full-duplex audio for small conference rooms. An expandable system allows for larger rooms. Up to four telephone units can be connected containing microphones, speakers and controls for even distribution of sound.


    Echo Cancellation® effectively eliminates echo cancellation;
    The noise canceling function eliminates background noises;
    Full duplex audio enables participants to speak and listen at the same time;
    Automatic control of each participant in the audio conference;
    "First Microphone Priority" removes the hollow tunnel sound by activating only the microphone near the speaker who is closest;
    The three microphones deliver 360 ° audio;
    Speed ​​dialing of the 10 most frequently dialed numbers;
    Recording based on each registered capture device on both sides of the call.

Warranty: 24 months

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+359 2 411 0 210 or +359 887 148 089

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