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Геймърска Механична клавиатура Keychron K3 TKL Gateron Low Profile Red Switch RGB LED Gateron Low Profile Red Switch ABS

Геймърска механична клавиатура Keychron K3 TKL Gateron Low Profile Red Switch RGB LED Gateron Low Profile Red Switch ABS

With self-contained switches for easier typing in that Magic Keyboard style and the clicky feel of mechanical keyboard with a minimalist design. The K1 is designed for productivity as a typist’s dream, we’re bringing all desirable features to a single keyboard; an ultra-thin body (18mm) and switches for a great clicky feel. Compared with other mechanical keyboards, it requires less force and uses less finger travel, which reduces finger fatigue and provides an unmatched typing comfortability. Ultra-slim with Gateron low profile red, blue or brown switches, it was a 48% low profile than conventional switches which an ultra-thin body of 18mm for a great feeling. K1 was designed to boost your productivity yet meets your desktop aesthetics perfectly. Classic clicky tactile or quicker response, for office or personal gaming, the Gateron low profile is the way to choose. Many current Mac keyboards are not mechanical, Keychron is one of the few that features macOS function keys (F1 to F12) in a Mac layout with the same as conventional Mac systems. Keychron is here to make typing easier and better. A 18mm ultra-slim body contribute to the sleek design of K1, which meets your desktop aesthetics perfectly. The K1 keyboard works with macOS, iOS, Windows, and Android. 

Подредба: US 
Структура на бутоните: Механични
Вид механични суичове: Gateron Low Profile Red Switch
Форм Фактор: Tenkeyless
Вид на бутоните: Нископрофилни 
Мултимедийни функции: Да
Начин на свързване: Жично/Безжично (Bluetooth)

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Защита от СПАМ
  • Марка: Keychron
  • Модел: V22411
  • Наградни точки: 438
  • Наличност: В наличност
  • Цена: 219,00 лв.
  • Дан. основа: 182,50 лв.
  • Цена в наградни точки: 21900