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Геймърска Механична клавиатура Keychron K8 Aluminum TKL Gateron Red Switch RGB LED Gateron Red Switch ABS

Геймърска механична клавиатура Keychron K8 Aluminum TKL Gateron Red Switch RGB LED Gateron Red Switch ABS

Engineered to maximize your productivity with most popular TKL layout. The hot-swappable option on Optical and Mechanical switches offers the freedom to easily personalize your typing experience without soldering. Connects with up to 3 devices via Bluetooth and switch among them easily. With high reliable and broad compatibility Broadcom Bluetooth 5.1 chipset, the K8 is best to fit home, office and light gaming use while connecting with your smartphone, laptop and iPad. It also has wired mode with USB Type-C connection. Compatible for both macOS and Windows. Keychron is one of only a few in the market that comes with a Mac multimedia keys layout for Mac enthusiasts. For Linux users, we also have a dedicated user group to help with the experience. Durable Gateron mechanical switch with a 50 million keystroke lifespan to provide an unrivaled tactile responsiveness. Designed with versatility in mind, you can access your smart assistant with the dedicated Siri or Cortana key on the K8. The two adjustable angled rubber feet are greatly enhanced productivity. Tenkeyless layout is one of the most popular among mechanical keyboards. It offers convenient access to all the essential multimedia and function keys for Mac and Windows in a compact size. The K8 comes with a battery capacity of 4000mAh. The K8 can last up to 240 hours typing (backlight off).

Подредба: US 
Структура на бутоните: Механични
Вид механични суичове: Gateron Red Switch
Форм Фактор: Tenkeyless
Вид на бутоните: Нископрофилни 
Мултимедийни функции: Да
Начин на свързване: Жично/Безжично (Bluetooth)

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Защита от СПАМ
  • Марка: Keychron
  • Модел: V21719
  • Наградни точки: 398
  • Наличност: В наличност
  • Цена: 199,00 лв.
  • Дан. основа: 165,83 лв.
  • Цена в наградни точки: 19900